Hair Loss / Hair Fall – Important Facts

Hair loss is common problem with elder, adult, and other young people. There are many sign of hair loss, such as thinning of hairs on the scalp, thinning of hairline, sudden loss of patches of hairs, excessive shedding of hairs, and complete loss of hairs form body. Get a permanent solution for this problem with Best Hair Loss Treatment in Himachal.

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff: Causes, Treatment & Tips

Dandruff, a common chronic scalp condition, is incredibly annoying and unsightly. Unfortunately, the problem can represent more than just pesky white flakes falling from your scalp like a mini blizzard.Once in a lifetime, everyone has an embarrassing urge to scratch their head in public. Or you are scared of wearing dark coloured clothes just because of visible falling flakes on your shoulder or back.

Hair Transplant – Procedure & Benefits

A hair transplant is a procedure in which a dermatological surgeon moves hair to a bald area of the head. The surgeon usually moves hair from the back or side of the head to the front or top of the head. Hair transplants typically occur in a medical office under local anesthesia. Get the advanced Hair Transplantation with the Best Hair Surgeon in Kullu Manali.

Hair Density Hair Transplant – Facts, Steps & Surgical Process

Hair loss is very common problem among both men and women and in most of the cases it leads to baldness. Hair transplant is an excellent and lasting treatment option for baldness but it is also becoming popular for improvement in the density of hair. It really improves the density of hair but the results vary depending on various issues.

Receding Hairline – Signs, Causes and Natural Hairline Treatment for Men

The hair loss at hairline may be followed with thinning hair on the temples and crown. It is more common in men. But in rare cases, it can occur in women, too. It may be attributed by lots of factors. The bad news, it is usually genetic and early sign of male-pattern baldness. Having receding hairline doesn’t always mean that you are going to become bald ‘completely baldness.’ But if you do concern about it,

Effective Ways to Solve Your Hair Thinning Problems.

Effective Ways to solve your Hair Thining Problems:-

Hair fall is a widespread problem, and it affects men and women alike. we search about these problems on the internet, we also try to use hair growth products and supplements. But the main reason for hair fall is diet schedule & stressful lifestyle. Here Dr.

Skin problems & Infections that affect people during the monsoons

Skin problems & Infections that affect people during the Monsoons

Monsoon came with lots of freshness and weather changes that affect the environment and our body health too. Now the question is how we can take care of our body health in this season and what are the common skin problems? Here we have described Skin problems &

Vitiligo Care – Diet for Vitiligo prevention & Important facts.

Vitiligo Care – Diet in your Vitiligo Treatment & Important facts – Dr. Sahil Mrigpuri (Dermatologist)

Vitiligo surgery is an effective method of treatment for selected, resistant vitiligo patches in patients with vitiligo. Vitiligo surgery can be performed safely in an outpatient day care dermatosurgical facility. One of the most frequent questions asked by people suffering from vitiligo disease and their families is about the role of diet in their vitiligo treatment. 

Premature White Hair Causes, Precautions and Future Implication

Premature White Hair Causes, Precautions, and Future Implication

Grey or white Hair is becoming common nowadays and no one is able to get rid of this. These days this phenomenon is becoming more common in earlier ages and even in teenagers. its frequency is increasing at an alarming rate. once we try to get rid of this issue through coloring,

Reasons for Hair fall / Hair loss / Baldness in Men- Dr. Sahil Mrigpuri (Hair Surgeon & Dermatologist)

Reasons for Hair fall / Hair loss / Baldness in Men

Hair fall or Hair loss is the most common problem these days. There are a number of reasons, sometimes it’s a genetic disorder or excessive use of hair products. Young generation uses hair spray, chemicals, hair gel and other hair products to have a good personality.