6 Biggest coronavirus myths

Busting Myths on Corona Virus

  1. Spraying chlorine or liquor on body cannot  kill corona virus nor Drinking alcohol protect you against COVID-19 rather it can be dangerous to health
  2. Exposing yourself to the sun or to temperatures higher than 25C degrees DOES NOT prevent the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) rather COVID-19 virus can be transmitted in areas with hot and humid climates.

Fatty liver: Reasons, Type and Prevention

If you want a healthy life, it is very important to have a healthy liver. Fatty liver is such a disease, if it is not treated in time, it can take a very serious form later. Fatty liver problems occur when the amount of fat in the liver cells increases unnecessarily.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease cases have increased this year compared to the last year.

If you have diabetes, then do your routine plan in winter.

Diabetes patients should be careful about their blood sugar level even in winter. Changes in temperature affect blood sugar levels. (Managing Diabetes in winter), low levels affect blood sugar levels. Hence, re-plan your diabetes management routine according to winter.

Neelkanth Hospital Mandi’s Senior Dr. Hemant Kumar, who has been serving in the hospitalization from past 35 years and has a remarkable working experience in the field of medicine.

Heart Attack: Symptoms, Cause, Treatment & Prevention

Heart attack is the most occurring lifestyle disease in recent years. In the winter the risk of heart attack increase. Heart attack problem may increase in the season of winter due to fog and dry atmosphere. Many people worldwide have suffered and lost many lives due to the disease caused by the block in the heart. 

Asthma: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Asthma is a lung disease, in which airways contract; inflame dwells and more phafficament from the throat. This leads to difficulty in breathing, coughing and wheezing in the throat. Nowadays the disease has become very common and most people are found to have this asthma. In this article you will learn about the symptoms of asthma,

Take care of hair in winter

Dandruff is a cynic condition in which itchy scalp, dry scalp, flutter and hair loss. Although it does not harm, it can put a lot on a person’s self-esteem. If you are also suffering from dandruff, you can easily get rid of it.

The top reasons for Dandruff are given below:
• Scalp oiliness when the scalp becomes too oily,

Fade Away Black Spot by Laser Treatment

Are you facing black spot and patches problem on face? Are you looking for a permanent solution? Your search for best solution is now finished because Neelkanth Hospital Mandi will provide you best treatment & solution.

Dr. Sahil Mrigpuri (M.D Dermatology)  has performed a number of successful laser surgeries and rewarded by the Himachal Pradesh Govt.

Psoriasis: Cause, Symptoms, Treatment

Psoriasis is a skin disease. It affects the knees and elbows the most but it can occur on any part of the body including hands, feet, neck, head and face. There are only a few types of psoriasis that affect the skin around the nails, mouth and genitals. In this article we will also tell you about the causes of psoriasis,

ICU facilities at Neelkanth Hospital -Mandi Himachal

ICU facilities in Hospital Neelkanth Mandi Himachal are available for patients care. Hospital Neelkanth in Mandi Himachal provide all types of health care facilities for patients care. Intensive care therapy is also given to patients here. ICU unit at Hospital Neelkanth provide intensive treatment to people. ICU unit at Hospital Neelkanth is designed to care patients who have serious health problems and who need proper medical care.