ENT Department

Neelkanth Hospital has been rendering pioneering and path-breaking service in the field of ENT. Our Hospital has become synonymous with quality medical care and world class treatment. A dedicated medical professional and one of the top most surgeons in the state, Dr. SahilMrigpuri. Our institution is considered the very best for complicated ENT procedures. We provide medicinal as well as surgical solutions to problems ranging from hearing loss and sleeping disorders to sinusitis, vertigo and voice impairments.
Formal Hearing Therapy
Our hearing therapy service provides advice and counseling, habilitation and support for adults, young adults and children who have a hearing loss associated with other difficulties, such as tinnitus.
Full ENT examination
The examination technique involves grasping the pinna and pulling it up and backwards (posteriorly and superiorly), which helps to straighten the ear canal and for inspection of the TM.
Swallowing Disorders
The swallowing disorders evaluate individually by our specialist they observe feeding to see posture, behavior, and oral movements during eating and drinking and look at the strength and movement of the muscles involved in swallowing.
ENT Surgery
Our ENT surgeons or otolaryngologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the head and neck, specifically the ears, nose and throat.

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